About Motivational Mondays

Motivational Mondays was created as a jump start for your brain. Through our curated and original content you'll be receiving the best motivation.

A perfectly simple but powerful email every Monday right to your inbox. Here's an archive of previous emails so you can see the value these pack.

The content of the emails will vary because lets face it, having different types of motivation is important.

What Motivational Mondays can give you - all for free:

  • You'll be challenged to think outside of the box with logic questions. Can you answer the most recent one? Think you got it? Double check by clicking the answer/explanation button. By solving and understand logic questions you'll be working to raise your IQ.

  • You'll gain new insights. We post highlights from top books, allowing you to get a ton of the takeaways with less than 15 minutes of input. Not to mention if you enjoy the highlights it's a great way to know you want to read the full book. Nothing is worse than reading a book only to find out that you're not that into it. Mastermind dinners is a great set of highlights to check out.

  • Then there's the top curated videos like Arnold's 6 Rules To Success

  • And more! Podcasts, app/product suggestions, life hacks, much read articles...the list could go on and on. Motivational Mondays is a super powerful and easy to digest email that will get you fired up to take on the week. Inspiration fires you up, motivation keeps you going.

  • Not to mention we do giveaways!